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Hyperpigmentation + Dark Spot Correcting Kit

If you’re struggling with acne, dark spots or hyperpigmentation you’re not alone.

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'Our mission is to provide safe, quality skin and body care products to help you become the BEST version of yourself.'

Jania, Founder

Royal Black Skin Care

  • 'I LOVE THIS!!!!! I put it on almost everyday. The shimmer on my skin is to die for. People give me a second look. I was even asked, what is that, and it smells so good.'

    KIM D.

    Copper Red Shimmer 
  • 'I love the way it feels on your face. Its not drying and it leaves a nice glow on the skin.'

    Waleader W.

    Aloe Toner 
  • 'This has to be my favorite product!!, the way it gets rid of my dark spots is amazing. I tend to pop my acne sometimes (which I shoudnt) and this clears it up. I use it overnight.'

    Tiara H.

    Turmeric + Bakuchiol Mask